Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Motivational Monday - What's on the Menu

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So I have had lots of people ask me what my actual meals are like, and what I'm actually eating on a daily basis.  So I thought I would share some more of the recipes I have been trying.  I think it's one thing to say the idea of a diet, or say some thing that's you are avoiding, but I think it's another to put it into play.  So that's why I have had several people asking what I'm doing for my meals and I'm happy to share!  I have had to make even more changes since my last tips post.  The hardest transition has really been to cut out all processed food.  I'm technically suppose to be eating only organic to help minimize the hormones I'm getting from foods.  I haven't gone that extreme since I can't afford it, but I do buy organic when I can and I have been focusing on clean eating.  I basically only shop on the outer parts of a grocery store.  I no longer buy any thing frozen or boxed or anything like that for the most part.  I get fresh fruits and veggies, hit up the lean proteins and some cheeses.  I do get some processed stuff from the dairy section like Almond milk, egg beaters and Greek yogurt and that's about it!  I do get some whole wheat flat bread and quinoa from the middle isles, but try to avoid them for the most part!  It sucks some days, but it also simplifies it and it makes my shopping trips go a lot faster!


I make a lot of salads for lunches because they are easy and quick!
I'll also make these flat bread sandwiches for lunches sometimes.

 I always try to pair my meals with a fruit and veggie.  Here I made a fruit salad.
Vegetable lasagna.  I used zucchini instead of noodles!  Super tasty!

Grilled chicken with mushrooms and sugar free tomato sauce

For breakfast I normally just grab some fruit and yogurt, but on weekends I try to do more.  Here I made mini muffins with egg beaters, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms.

One Saturday night I did a play on craving foods.  We did turkey burgers on whole wheat flat bun and then traded in for zucchini fries.

I love me some salmon and some green beans grilled with mushrooms.


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