Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well Eric and I were a bit boring for Valentines day this year!  We didn't want to get stuck in the crowd so we went out on Monday.  Eric took me out for Sushi :) yum and then to see the Vow.  What a good husband to go through that movie just for me!  Awww I feel so loved.  On the actual V day he had school so he was gone most of the night!  I did still want to do something special so I made a special dinner.   His favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse, so I decided to do Texas Roadhouse at home.  I made pulled pork, and we did loaded mash potatoes and asparagus. I set up a little candle light dinner for us to has some semblance of a special day. I was going to make the homemade Texas rolls, but considering I have had bronchitis all week and had been sick as a dog I didn't get to it haha.  So all in all it wasn't the best Valentines day in some peoples eyes, but to me I ended up in the arms of the person I love the most.  I'd say that's all you need for the best Valentines Day Ever.

Share the love everybody!

Baby Blessing

A few weekends ago Eric and I got to go to Houston because our nephew Evan was being blessed!  It was way fun to get away for the weekend and get to see everyone.  Mom, Dad, and Bryan and Lacie were able to fly out from Utah.  The blessing was wonderful and Evan is just adorable.   I was so happy to see my nephews Kyle and Ryan too! 

They are just as cute as ever, and all the boys had a little too much fun ruff housing all weekend! 

One of the days we went down to College Station and toured A&M.  Eric was estatic to finally see the campus.  It was fun to go the the George Bush Library as well.  Eric had fun pretending he had a kid for the day ;)

After the tour we went to go get lunch.  My cousin Rachael was able to come join us!  I'm so glad she could come and catch up.  Between her and the caso Ryan was having the time of his life!

Eric was loving being around all the kids!  Looks pretty good huh!  I love these boys!

Thanks Coopers for the fun weekend, and letting us come and crash!

Just Get Me To The Church On Time

Well a few weeks ago my beautiful sister got married to a really awesome dude!  I was able to fly to Utah again to be there for it!  I was so grateful to get that oppurtunity!  It was so cool that all the siblings got to be together in the temple!  It was so fun to be able to look around and see everyone!  :( sadley Eric was not able to come, but it was okay, I had my lovely sister Mel to be my date!  The morning before the wedding day all the girls went to breakfast at Kneaders.  It was really fun to get to meet Jeffs family and have all the girls together in a less formal setting.
I got to see Lacie and Paisley again!

I finally got to hold little baby Evan and meet him for real! He is so adorable!

That night Jeffs family hosted a family dinner at the restaurant Carrabas.  It was fun to get all together and get to know everyone!  Some family gave speeches, and of coarse Mom carried on the tradition of singin!

  Julianna looked beautiful and the reception turned out awesome!  I know my dad must have had a party that night because he finally got all his kids married!  He's all done folks, no more, and I know he is thrilled to not have to go through anymore weddings!  Of coarse I was thrilled because Jules let me help with decorations :) my favorite.  My amazing Aunt and Grandma came out too, so with them, and my sister I think we made it look pretty darn good!  Now my sister isn't really into decorating so she didn't give us much to go on.  All we knew was that their colors were red, black, and ivory, she really liked trees, and she wanted it simple.  So here is the finished result.

   we had a giant tree at the reception where people wrote notes and hung them on the tree.  The sign says "Please leaf a piece of advice for the Bride and Groom."

Here is the sign in table with the amazing signing book my sister in law Lacie made.

Here is the gift table

the gorgeous picture table my sister did!

All around the room they had these really deep window seals that I decorated all differently.

This is what we did on half of the tables

Here is what we did on the other half of the tables.

 My sister in law Nicole did all the flowers as well and they looked amazing!

The canopy over the cakes is actually part of a tiki hut Eric and I made for his brothers wedding dinner.   We needed something last minute to go over it and hey this was sitting in the shed, and it was free.  Haha we adapted it a bit and made it work!  I don't think it looks that bad for last minute and free!
 Geeze we could open our own one stop wedding shop!  We got the entertainment, the decorators, the florist, the photographers and all shorts of stuff!  It would be amazing haha my dad would probably leave the family!  Oh well a girl can dream right?  Well everything turned out just lovely and I'm so happy for Jules and Jeff!  Love you guys!  While I was in

Utah I also got to see Erics family which was awesome!  My sister Amy, my Mama Nancy, and I went to get our  nails done and partied it up!

  As you can see Amy and I had some fun in Best Buy while we waited for mom to make a purchase.  She really liked the continuous shooting mood on my camera so we were having fun playing around and doing ninja moves all through out the store.

I'm sad that I didn't get to see the rest of the family or spend more time with them.  But it was a super quick trip so I'm glad I got to see them at all!  Family is the most important thing!  I'm so grateful for all the amazing family I have who love Me and Eric!  Anywho folks that's all for now!