Thursday, February 21, 2013

Devon's Baby Shower

Several weeks ago I was hired to do a baby shower for the daughter of someone I work for.  The theme was Ready to POP!  I had sooo much fun coming up with the plans and the details for this shower!  I think it turned out really cute and I was so proud of the finished product!  I put a lot of sweat and tears into details and I hope that Devon enjoyed it as much as I did!  I wish I had better pictures, but unlike every other girl on this planet nowadays I am NOT a photographer.  So you get to see my crappy amateur photos that don't do the party justice haha.
The sign in table

The sign says "Devon is ready to POP!"

I made a bunch of these balloon topiaries to have around.

Did the book Hop on Pop as the sign in book.
We did devotional diapers the sign says "Leave a funny not or a favorite quote. Anything to bring a smile to Devon's face and to help during the late night diaper changes."

We also did a raffle and anyone who brought a pack of diapers was entered to win a prize.

This was before the party even started and look at those presents already!

The sing on the fireplace says "gifts"

We had a hair bow making station. 

The sign says "Thanks for stopping by!"

The favors

I made chocolate baby bottle pops!

The favors also had these mini blow pops.

The food room. Sorry the lighting is so bad in these pictures.

Sadly I didn't get a picture with all the food out because it all got eaten so fast.

The prizes.

"Things That Pop!"

Drinks.  She wanted to have a hot chocolate/coffee bar, so that's what I did.  Then we had water on the right and soda POP!

Fruit POPS

The diaper cake I made.

Cake pops!  Half of them were white cake and half were strawberry cake and pink on the inside yum!

Jalapeno poppers

I had a savory POPcorn and a sweet POPcorn.  Garlic Parmesan and Cinnamon and sugar.

Tip: the colored circle banner is out of paint color samples from Home Depot. It's so easy and FREE.  All I did was punch them out and then sew them together! A cheap and quick way to give a pop of color!
The butt load of invites I did.  We ended up sending out 150!!!! let me repeat, 150!!! It made me nervous because I had no idea how many to expect since no one RSVP.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many people showed up!! There were a ton of people there!!
the invite and the diaper raffle insert. I designed them both myself.  The diaper raffle insert says "bring a pack of diapers (any size) and be entered to win a fabulous prize."

I got a picture right before they were all gone, but these are cheesecake poppers! SO yummy

I wish I had pictures of the rest of the food, but I just wasn't quick enough.  For the full menu we had veggie pops (i just had an assortment of veggies on skewers and roasted them YUM), fruit pops, cheese popovers, two types of popcorn, jalapeno poppers, cake pops, and cheesecake poppers. 

 I made a balloon wreath for the party with a banner that says "Devon's Baby Shower"  It was hanging on the front door as guests walked in.


  1. Superb! The party venue looks amazing. I have also been given the responsibility of decorating and arranging the baby shower for my sister. I think I will take up some ideas from this blog for the party. I really liked the simple and sweet arrangements done here.