Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mario Party

Last month my nephew turned 6!!! I can't believe he is getting so big, but I was so happy I got to be a part of his Birthday from a far.  My sister asked if I would be willing to help, and of course I jumped on the opportunity.  He is an excellent Wii player and his favorite game is Super Mario Galaxy, so the theme for the party was Mario.  

A few weeks before the party I started working on stuff.  I basically sent my sister a party in a box and then she did the rest in Houston.  Here is what I made for the party.

Here is the invite that I designed for the party

The gift bags I made for the party.

Mel came up with his idea and I executed it.  I made these cute little Mario question cubes for the gift bags.  Since they had the party at a place with an arcade, Mel filled these with coins the kids could use on the games. 

I made each kid a Mario hat that went in their goody bag. 
I made a couple of Princess Peach crowns for the few girls that came to the party.

I made cupcake toppers for the cupcakes.  She wasn't suppose to bring any outside food to the location, so they did cupcakes and icecream!

I did four different cupcake toppers : Mushrooms, stars, bombs, and clouds. 

Then I worked on a Happy Birthday banner for Kyle.  
Here it is finished, but it took a long time, so I took pictures of each triangle to get the full detail that went into it. 


Then I got everything together for the goody bags.

Each bag got coloring pages, crayons, bubbles, a pencil, mustache stickers, a stick on mustache, a Mario hat or Princess Peach crown, Mario fruit snacks, Yoshi eggs, and the yellow quesiton box filled with coins. 
I made the little label for the Yoshi egg favors.  The eggs are just gum balls. 

Once it was all done, I got it packaged up, and My Auntie Deb was able to take it down with her.

Here is the actual party, and what my sister did with all of it!  I think she set it up so cute.  It looks amazing, and then when you find out they only had 15 minutes to set up, it looks INCREDIBLE!

I also cut out a couple of characters for her to hang around. I did a Luigi, Mario, some clouds, some stars, a Yoshi, and some mushrooms. 

It looks like everyone had a fun time and I'm so grateful I got to help out!

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