Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Motivational Monday - Recipes and New Menu

I think I did pretty well on last weeks goal of hitting the gym and pushing my cardio!  I made it to the gym everyday and did 60 minutes of cardio almost everyday!  I wasn't the best at getting up in the mornings so the whole two a day gym time didn't happen, but I made sure to make time after cardio for some abs or some weights!  Over all I felt really good about the gym and really good about the meals last week.
So Monday Eric wanted to cook and did these cilantro lime steak fajitas!  They were super tasty (though the picture doesn't look that great.)  I put mine on some artisan high fiber, carb balance tortillas.  I don't normally do red meat, but he picked a healthier steak and I tried to make other choices to pair with dinner that kept it on the healthier side.  Way to go Eric on the awesome dinner!
Tuesday was Grilled Salmon with zucchini, onions and mushrooms.  I found a low carb, low sodium terriyaki sauce that I used a little bit of to flavor the salmon! mh mh delicious!  I like to make extra of dinner and be able to take them for lunch the next day!
Wednesday was suppose to be spaghetti squash, but Eric didn't wait out for me to come home from the gym and he had already ordered pizza!! What a little butt head!  I did cave to temptation and had some pizza with a salad hoping to balance it out.  The next day I had GAINED 2 POUNDS!  Yikes teaches me to try to stay stronger against Eric's temptations.
Thursday was spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs and mushrooms!  I love the Jenny O pre made turkey meatballs because they are so much faster and easier than making my own, plus I can already know the nutritional value. I use an organic sugar free tomato sauce, and sprinkle a little bit of low moisture skim mozzarella cheese on top!  TIP do not over cook your squash. It will be mushy and make everything watery.  Under cook it and it will keep cooking plus with the sauce on top it will end up at just the right consistency and crunch!
Friday and Saturday we were out of town.  I'll be honest, I made some awesome choices, and I made some not so awesome choices!  Oh well everyday is a new day to wake up and try again!
Then Sunday we had some friends come over.  I forgot to take pictures, but I made Bruschetta Chicken with salad and onion roasted red  potatoes!  I also made this red velvet poke cake!  I did not have any seeing as it's not so diet friendly, but I did make it with sugar free pudding, and fat free whip cream to make it alittle bit healthier, and I hear it tasted pretty good!
So I know last week I said I had an awesome menu planned for this week, but I'm afraid I fibbed and that menu is going to be pushed one more week!  We have a short week plus we are going out of town, so I'm needing to use up the groceries we have in the house before they go bad.  So this is another wing it menu and nothing that spectacular.  This is what I have planned for this weeks menu (really exciting I know...ha ha NOT)
Italian Baked chicken, Steamed Asparagus and Twice Baked Cauliflower
Taco Stack
Oven Roasted Chicken, Yellow Squash and Tomato Bake and Side Salad
out of town
out of town
 Grilled Chicken Salad.  Mainly just to use up all the left over chicken from Thursday and all the veggies we have left in the fridge before I go grocery shopping again.
As far as this weeks goals go, I'm just trying to maintain the gym!  I'm getting a late start and since Monday was a holiday I got busy and didn't go to the gym!  So I'm going to make sure I'm sticking with the at least 60 minutes of cardio and then some abs or weights!  Then I'm just focusing on lean proteins and lots of veggies and water!  I'm gearing up for the weekend of traveling.  We are heading to Austin for a wedding, so hopefully I can do really well this week so I can allow one cheat this weekend, but for the most part I'm hoping to keep some self control so this weekend can be more successful than the last!

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