Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Terrific Tuesdays - Guest Bedroom

I don't know how terrific today was, seeing as the new medication I'm on had me throwing up all morning!  Ugh I'm trying to stay positive but its frustrating to not be at work, and frustrating to not be getting things done at home either!  I hate wasting a whole day and nothing getting done.  Ugh oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be better! 

On a happier note, last week I got the guest bedroom done!  I still have one project I want to finish for the walls, but I'm holding off for a little bit to see where we will be living. 

Here is the room when we moved in

Here is the room when we had it semi set up

and  here is the final piece with all the furniture painted

I found these perfect knobs at Hobby Lobby that Eric added for me!

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