Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Terrific Tuesday - Temple Blessings

Today I have definitely felt the blessings of going to the temple!  It's amazing how much one small change or act can affect your life.  We had felt like we were in limbo for a long time and would complain about not knowing what to do or where to go.  But we never really sat back and analyzed our life of what we were missing and we were not really do our part in order to move forward!  I have seen such a change even in the last week as we have committed more and more to be continually reading our scriptures and saying our prayers!  The same goes for going to the temple!  Our biggest worries lately have been where to live, jobs, car situation, and finances.  We had decided we needed to move so that we could keep Rango, but we just were not finding any place that made sense, felt right, or that we could afford.  The more and more we tried to find something or make it work, we just felt worse about it!  So over the weekend we had a strong feeling that we need to stay where we are.  It really does make so much sense and we will have such a great opportunity to save and get ahead if we stay at the apartments we currently are in.  So we felt good about that, and so happy that we had made a decision on at least one of the things plaguing us lately....but this decision brought up a hard issue I didn't want to face...getting rid of Rango.  I know it sounds so silly because he is just a cat, but I have grown quite attached and he is basically our child at this point in our lives!  We spent all night researching places and families he could go live with and I ended up in tears after every one!  I just couldn't believe he would be gone!  When we woke up in the morning I got ready for work and Eric just said he had a strong feeling that he should try and talk to the head of the housing and be honest.  Psh honestly ha ha who woulda thunk it! I admire him for being such a communicator that day and stepping up and going.  He simply had a meeting with her and explained our situation, then asked if she could make an exception on pets just this once, and you know what she said?  YES!  Can you believe it?  I was shocked!  How could things be working out for us like this? Wow what a blessing!  It's such a relief to know that we don't have to stress about packing and moving, or having to bust our budget to get some dodgy apartment.  Now we can stay where we have already been settled, AND we don't have to stress about Rango being there!  We can live in so much more peace knowing we were honest and he has permission to stay there! YAH! 


After that it was like everything else fell into place.  Our truck finally kicked the bucket, and though we were hoping for more time we had been saving and planning for several months for this occasions.  This was the first time we had car troubles that I felt calm and not "holy crap what are we going to do."  We made a spontaneous trip tot he Mazda dealership to do a test drive to make sure the car we had been researching for the last 8 months really was the car.  Our plan was to solidify our decision and come back in a month or so when we had finished saving the down payment. I said everything fell into place and we ended up leaving in a car!  We were getting a steal with the interest rate plus all the discounts on the car.  Plus we were working with an awesome sells guys that got us to exactly the payment we wanted and waiting the extra month for a bigger down payment really wouldn't have made a difference.  This way we don't have to stress for the next little while of how I will get to work! 
 So here is the beauty

It's a Mazda cx5 and I love it, plus it's the perfect color!  I still am working on a name for her, any suggestions?

Finally we both have  figured out a direction for school are are set to be going in the fall, AND Eric finally got all the info to Chevron and they are officially ready for him to start working on June 3rd! Yah I'm so excited to feel some version of settled and be able to sit back and enjoy life a bit more and let go of my anxiety!  I can't wait to see what else life has in store for us in the next few months as we try to continue to improve ourselves and reach our goals.

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