Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Party at Po's Pagoda!

Several weeks ago when I was in Houston visiting my sister I was able to help her with my Nephews 3rd birthday!  Well anyone who knows me knows I love parties, so not only was I in heaven because it was a party, but It was for one of my favorite people in the world!
His nickname is Po and he loves the movie Kung Fu Panda, so that was the theme!  My sister is so good at parties as well and had so many awesome ideas!  I just had the pleasure of helping her with them!  Thanks Mel!  I always love to help!  Here is the invite she came up with that I designed.

I was also super excited because it gave me another excuse to use my silhouette machine and create lots of beautiful things!  I made the birthday banner and cut out some awesome lanterns that we hung everywhere!  We also found some panda bear plates at the Dollar Tree that we ate on, and put some on the walls!
Here is the set up of the party
the banner says "Happy Birthday Little Po"
The panda bear cake Mel and I made.
We cut up some red fabric and drew Chinese symbols on all of them so people had something to wear.
"Tigress Treats" the favors Mel put together
furious five fortune cookies
Mel found out what every ones name was in Chinese and had that as their name card
Skadoosh Juice and Dew and universe juice!
She had a ton of themed Chinese food that was adorable! Like Po's Pot stickers, Oogways egg rolls, Shifu sticky rice and so on.
I made Mel and Stephen some shirts for the party!  Stephens says "There is to charge for awesomeness...." and Mel's says "or attractiveness"
The future owners of Em and M's Parties
Even baby Evan got a shirt!
Well Em and M does it again, basically!  We make an awesome team and I can't wait to do it again!

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