Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Bedroom Inspiration

Once upon a time there was a 14 year old girl still sleeping on the bunk bed her and her sister grew up on.  One day her parents were buying a new  bed so their old one got passed down to her.   Wow a queen size bed, boy did this girl feel special!  Many long years this mattress cradled the young girl to sleep.  Then one day this girl grew up and met her prince charming.  The mattress still being sturdy and faithful traveled with her into her new life......okay cheesy enough for you?  What I'm getting at is Eric and I have been sleeping on a mattress that is VERY old and still using the cheapo metal frame I had when I was 14 years old.  Now don't get me wrong, it's been a great bed and has worked very well for us, but we decided it was time to grow up and upgrade!  The mattress is seeing it's final days, and I'm not going to lie, I'm READY for a real bed frame!  Well it's final days with us.  It will now be shuffled to our guest bed frame.  That mattress we have on there is even OLDER and not so nice.  We bought a memory foam pad for it when Eric's parents came that helped it, but it's still no bueno.  So now this mattress plus that pad will be even better for our guest bedroom!  So with it moving on to bigger and brighter things and it being memorial weekend and there being lots of sales going on we decided to go shopping!  We finally buckled down and got us a brand new mattress and what was even better you might ask?  Well we got the bed frame FREE because of a deal going on!  SAWHEET DEAL!
Eric and I had a struggle over which bed to get.  We did fall in love with a beautiful wood one that had a canopy and everything!  Now that would certainly be my dream bed, but was a little out of our price range.  So we had to look at the beds that were included in the deal.  I have always wanted an upholstered bed and they had one available.  This is the one we chose.
Eric still wasn't sold on it at first because it is so low to the ground, but I think it will be a nice change and I have always wanted a bed like this!  I told him this way we can use this bed for several years, and then when we move into a house this one can transfer to a guest bedroom and then we can finally get the whole bedroom set he wants.  I just really didn't want to even think about lugging that big wood canopy bed around when I know we have several more moves ahead of us!  So I think this bed will be great while we are in smaller spaces and moving around!
Now my quest is to decide the theme of the bedroom!  We have had red and black ever since we got married, which I like, but I'm ready for a change.  A few months ago we bought a new bedspread because ours had ripped and we needed a new fitted sheet and bed skirt.  Well this entire bed in a bag was cheaper than buying just the new sheets so we said what the hey! 
This is the original room we had in Provo

This is what we first set up in Midland

now with the newer temporary bedding which I actually really like.  So I will probably keep it and use it somewhere else.  Or maybe I should stick with a theme were I can incorporate this bedding we already have.
Now I need help deciding where to go from here!  I think I really like the idea of navy, coral and grey together.  I even thought about doing navy, coral, aqua and grey!  Lets just throw all my favorite colors in there!  I was worried Eric wouldn't like the coral idea with it being kind of pink, but one of his favorite colors in orange and he sees it as more orange than pink and really likes it.  Here are some pictures of where my inspiration is coming from.
this is the color scheme I'm leaning towards, but the coral will be a little more orange than the pink here.

I haven't found a bedspread I love yet, but I love the navy and aqua together!  I think I want to go more neutral on the bedding though.

Maybe since Eric loves the canopy idea I can make my own like this!  Anybody who knows me should know I love canopies and have been making fake ones on my beds my whole life!

I really like the clean and simple feel of this room. I'm wondering if I should go in a more neutral direction like this?  I don't know though I think I might need more color!

Love having fun crazy pillows like this!

Out of all the pictures I showed Eric, this was his favorite!  It shocked me that he liked this bedding, but he said he loved it!

This is one of my FAVORITE rooms I have seen so far!  I would not do it exactly like this, seeing as Im' pulling inspiration and elements from several different areas, but this picture is one of my favorite executions.  I love the white bedding with decorative pillows and a quilt, or down comforter at the bottom!  I love the pattern on the bedding, I love the plates above the bed, oh man I just love it!  I think I'm definitely leaning toward the bedding looking like this, with a neutral for the main bed and then doing decorative pillows and a quilt in the color.

This is another example of going more neutral and not so many colors.

I love the aqua and grey walls!  This is exactly what I want when I am somewhere I can paint.  I want grey walls and then one accent color wall!  I love the Ottoman at the end of the bed as well and LOVE the rug!

I would love to have an ottoman like this or some sort of bench at the end of t he bed

I love this bedding as well.
I love how just the aqua looks with the neutrals as well.
Well what do y'all think?? Do you like this color combo? Do you have any different ideas or suggestions? Let me know! I would love all the help I can get!

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