Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Funday Friday - Lubbock Adventures

I am a few days behind on my goal, but hoping to get caught up today, so please forgive me for the overload of updates on my oh so very boring life!
This weekend we were able to get out of Midland for a little bit and have a wonderful time!  Friday was one of my best friends birthday.  We met up with her and her family for some dinner, and FINALLY got to officially meet her husband.  We ate at this awesome place called Zookinis.  I had never heard of it, but they had an awesome salad bar I hit up, and they even offer gluten free and whole wheat pasta, and do chicken or turkey burgers.  They have a bunch or really cool healthier options, so I'm sure Eric and I will be hitting it up again.
After dinner we were FINALLY able to go to the Lubbock temple  We had been there to do baptisms with the youth and a few other things, but had never done a session, so I was super excited.  Taylor's (Kim's husband) parents are temple workers and that night he as doing sealings.  So we were able to do some sealings before the session and that was so awesome!  It's so nice to have a reminder of all the promises Eric and I made when we got married!  After the session it was fun to run into so many people who knew my parents and they all had such wonderful and fun things to say about them!
After that Kim and Taylor had to head back home because Taylor worked in the morning!  Eric and I decided we weren't quite ready to go back to Midland, so we got a hotel and stayed the night!  It was nice to have such a chill evening and day with nothing to worry about. We slept in and lounged around for a bit.  Then we headed out to get some SUSHI! Yum.  I used my cheat day for the sushi, but after the fact found out they led you do brown rice and a few other substitutions if you want!  Darn!  If I had done that, I wouldn't have had to use my cheat day, but oh well it was still tasty, and now next time we are there if I want sushi I know how to get it and have a much healthier version,.
we are super classy!
After that we went shopping to a bunch of local stores and the mall!  After that we headed back home and had a wonderful evening together playing some video games and watching some wonderful movies!  We even had a huge rainstorm that night that called for flash flooding!  Eric and I did some dancing in the rain which was just what the doctor ordered!

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