Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hey ya'll we're from texas, what country are ya'll from?

Well folks we made it, we are officially in Texas!!!!! It was a long drive and Albuquerque still managed to give us grief (as always in the Boulter family) but we are here.

We didn't have high hopes for our apartment after hearing a description of it my oldest sister, but once we got in I was actually quite pleased. There is not a ton of kitchen storage and all the rooms are cut weird and that makes them very small, but over all I'm quite happy with it. The only problem is that we have very large furniture, but I love decorating and rearranging things, so its been fun to be able to move things around and make it fit! Its a mess right now but at least you get the main idea. Once we get everything set up (hopefully by the end of this week) I'll post pictures of the finished project.

It's hard to leave home, I haven't felt too home sick, mainly because I come here on vacation all the time. I think that is it, I think I just feel like I'm on vacation and that I'll be home in a few weeks to everything and everyone I know. I keep having dreams about Utah, and I'll think I'm back home. I keep expecting to walk outside and see certain things, streets, mountains, and then I see Midland and remember I know longer will be seeing mountains right outside our door.
I went from seeing this every day

to seeing this haha!

Its all good just different and will take some getting us to!

We got kinda spoiled in our old apartment too! It was only a 1 bedroom but it was brand new (we were the first ones to live there) and it was quite large for a one bedroom. But I think we are going to love it here! We have already met some of our neighbors and they are all nice people, and its so nice to still be around so much family who are willing to help whenever needs be!

Me and Eric can already hear ourselves talking "funny" haha I keep mimicking other peoples accent on accident and I don't even notice. I hope they don't think I'm making fun of them :S.

Today Eric had an interview with a guy at Cheveron for an internship. It wouldn't start till November but the process takes so long, and he wants the best opportunities out there that he is starting early! He said it went really well, and that he really liked the guy! We even went shopping with Auntie Deb and got him some really nice interview/church clothes. So here is hoping that it works out great. This week he has a few other interviews thanks to Uncle Mark, hopefully he can find a job soon so I stop stressing about finances. Hmmmmm now all thats left to do is figuring out what I'm going to do when I grow up....decisions decisions.

Well sorry It took me so long to get this posted but i've been a little busy haha. Hopefully now that we are more settled i'll be able to be a better blogger :)