Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sensational Saturday - Help!

I find myself yet again coming here to find help and inspiration for this poor head of mine!  The time has come for yet another cut and color....well it really should have come about 3 or 4 months ago, but I'm a procrastinator, what can I say!
I have a few dilemmas this time around that are preventing me from being able to make a decision.  So I have been trying to grow my hair out and this is probably the longest it has been since Jr. High, but it is still not long at all.  My problem I find now though is that my hair is just too thin and too fine to be long.  How ironic is it that PCOS causes you to have unwanted facial hair or other things because of the excess testosterone, but yet it causes male patterned baldness? How sucky is that!?!?! I have noticed my hair thinning rapidly in the last year and am trying to decided what to do. 

SO I need your votes, should I just cut my losses and go short and realize it's my destiny to have short hair?  Or is it worth it to spend the money and get extensions to help thicken up my hair so I can experience that long hair I am always shooting for?

this is kind of the idea of what it could be like with extensions.

Thoughts, comments, stories from you own experience?  I would appreciate any help or advice you can give me!

The main reason why I was shooting to have long hair is because I have always wanted a pixie cut. It is on my bucket list and has been for a long time, but I'm waiting till I'm thin to do it, because being fat and having my round face just doesn't work with a pixie cut.  So I'm hoping that some time next year when I'm down some poundage I'll finally  be able to do my pixie cut, which means if I want long hair, now is the time to do it. This is the pixie cut I have decided on! 

Crazy I know, but I fell in love with it.
Maybe that's why I can't decide what I want to do.  It's because I already have a cut I love and whatever I do now feels more like a median or limbo phase just to get me to that next step.  Okay so where I am at is thinking to do like a long bob if I go shorter or do extensions to keep it thicker.  What y'all think?  Here are some cuts that I like

Eric loves this one and actually really likes the color too!  So I'm keeping this as a color option!

not sure if this is too short for my chubby face!

LOVE this one and the color as well!

and here are some colors that I really like. 

I love the caramely colored highlights in this one!
Okay people now is the time for your input.  What should I do?

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