Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sacred Sunday - Summer, Sandals, and Pedis!

So Summer doesn't officially start until June 21st, but it is in full swing here. You would think I'd be happy right?? Well actually it's kind of depressing!  The winter time its easy to not miss Utah, who wants to scrap their car every morning or deal with snow in April, but the summer time?  I miss Utah every day!  Here it is starting to get bloody hot and we are barely at the beginning!  I miss having green grass and a canyon to go to!  I miss going to the lake, or even just enjoying walking around the block. It gets so hot and miserable here, it gets hard to even want to walk outside!  Oh well we have a lot of great things here that Utah doesn't have so that's what I'm going to focus on! One thing great about summer no matter where your are, is getting to wear sandals and getting pedicures!  That is one summer staple I have already started! So on that note and to celebrate summer in other ways I'm going through all my shoes and clothes and cleaning out the closet.  I'm pretty good about getting rid of clothes but not shoes, I hold on to them forever.  So I purged myself of almost 7 pairs and restocked with sandals, sandals and more sandals!  I'm pretty happy about it ha ha and it's one thing I can look forward to about the heat!


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