Friday, May 10, 2013

Funday Friday - Erics Graduation

Pretty sure yesterday was an awesome day!  I was able to surprise Eric yesterday and it was perfect.  He knew his parents were coming for his graduation, but he didn't know when they were going to come out.  So we tricked him and told them they were coming in on Friday!  Well we were able to surprise him when they came in on Thursday afternoon instead!  I picked them up and we headed to Eric's favorite burger place.  He believed he was meeting me for lunch, but walked in and saw his parents!! I think he was quite shocked and super happy!  We had a fabulous night consisting of shopping, talking, sushi and so much more!  

Today was Eric's graduation.  I woke up, hit the gym and came home and cooked some yummy breakfast.  I made this Cinnamon roll bake with some bacon.  
We had a nice chill morning hanging out and talking.  We all got ready for the day and headed to the petroleum museum!  They had some awesome exhibits and I think Eric's parents really enjoyed it.  I learned a lot more about the oil field and it was fun to hear Eric explain about all the stuff he has been learning, and what  he will be doing with Chevron.  

Afterwards we had to take Mom and Dad to Rosa's to experience the amazingness.  I think it was a hit and is now Craig and Nancy approved.  We did a bit more shopping and headed home for some chit chat and home decorating idea planning ;) can't wait Mama Nancy!  Then we headed over to the Chaparral center and got seated for Eric's graduation.  It really was a nice ceremony!!  It wasn't too long, and the speaker was a lady who dropped out of high school at 16 and now is a single mom with two kids and came back to get a degree!  It was so fun to hear Eric's name and watch him walk.  I nearly busted into tears thinking about how far he has come and everything that he has worked for!  I'm so incredibly proud of him and this accomplishment!  It was so awesome! Auntie Deb, Grandma Sue, Aunt Terri, and Uncle Mark were all able to come too!  It was so nice of them to come and show their support, and to be there all this time! They have all done so much for me and Eric in the last few years we  have lived here!  We followed graduation up with a yummy brisket dinner at Grandmas.  I'd say it was a perfect day!  Filled with lots of laughter, love, excitement, pride, and happiness!! Who could ask for more?   I'm one lucky girl! 
Eric didn't believe me that the velvet thing went on the back!

 He figured it out once  he got there and was sure to change it!  But I think he looks wonderful either way!
 Eric walking in to his seat. Can you find him?  Let's play where's Eric.

 Eric getting his diploma!!!!! Or at least what will hold his diploma once it actually arrives in the mail in a few weeks.

 So proud of my love!

Eric with Prof. Gandy!  His favorite teacher and  head of the program!  I owe this man a lot, he was very influential in Eric graduating!

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  1. We are SO proud of Eric too! Thanks for getting this post up so quickly so we could see pics & feel a part of things. Love to you both!