Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Craft Room Update

So it has taken me a long time, but I finally got my craft room put together, and guess what???? I actually  have EXTRA room, so I'm ready for more crafts! :)  So any of you retiring crafters out there I am happy to take donations and would selflesly take items off your hands!  I started out with not having enough room to put all my stuff and not knowing what to do.  The problem is I not only have all my craft stuff, but I have all my party stuff too, and I know with every party I do comes many more items to store.  So eric bought me a cheap shelving unit to give me some extra space!!  Now everything fits beautifuly with extra room to spare so that's a plus!
  I should have taken pictures of the before, because it was a DISASTER!  Then you would get how big of a transformation this really was! Seriously this one room probably could have gotten me on the show horders!  I think I was too embarassed to show how bad I had let it get!  It just became the dumping ground for months.  Then I would get a few minutes and start to organize it, and then another party would come up and it would all get piled back in there!  Well now I am happy to say that it is neat, tidy, and clutter free!  It took me a whole saturday until like 3 in the morning to do it, and lots of Sabrina the Teenage Witch episodes, but I'm pretty happy with the end result.  Now it is certainly not my dream craft room that I am determined to have one day.  Maybe something like one of these

but for our small space, and for all the containers coming from the dollar tree?  I'm pretty happy with it!
Here is a before picture from how I had it set up when we first moved here.

Now imagine a space where a bomb had exploded and tons and tons of clutter, crafts, party supplies and lots of projects had gathered.

and now the finish product!

I got it done just in time to work on my sisters curtains!  She bought some gorgeous curtains, but they were not tall enough for her living room.  So I found some fabric and did a block at the bottom.  I think they turned out great and for my first time with only self taught sewing skills I was pretty proud!  They are lined and everything.  I even had some extra fabric left to make a few pillows.  We got to put them up when I went to Houston last week and they look fantastic!  Now my sister can enjoy the "best living room EVA"


  1. ohmygosh. Those curtains are so cute! I love them!

    1. Thank you! Yeah my sister has awesome taste and then we lucked out and found that chevron fabric that looked awesome with it!

    2. You did luck out! You'd never know that they didn't come like that.

    3. yeah it took several weeks and lots of tries to find it though!!!