Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Grandmas Luncheon

So as you can see the last couple of posts have had titles.  My idea behind this is to hopefully help me blog more often.  I have a goal to see if I can post everyday!  Who knows what will happen, but i figured it was worth a shot for a little while! ( Here I am already posting a day late...hmmm this doesn't bode well for the rest of  this challenge!

A few weeks ago I helped my Grandma decorate for a luncheon she had a table for.  She wanted to use some decorations she already had and went with a peacock theme!  Here are some pictures of what we did.

And guess what?  She won second place!!! How cool is my Grandma!

Normally I hate Wednesdays, but today truly is wonderful and you know why?  2 more days until Eric's parents come to visit and Eric graduates!!(Correction, now that the time has passed I can tell you they actually came today!!! Ill give the whole story in a later post.) I couldn't be more excited!  Also all my project I have been working on are actually getting done and that makes me feel so accomplished!  I love being able to see the finished project and be proud of it.  Don't worry I'll do lots of posts on all my projects later on.

Also I finally found a gym routine I think is going to work for me!!!  Finding the time to go to the gym was always the hardest part.  So the first couple weeks I was going at night at like 9 or 10. That was working okay for awhile. I liked being able to come home from work, cook dinner, and do a few things before the gym.  But after a few weeks I started to fall off the band wagon.  I started coming home and getting involved in things and then before I knew it it was super late and time for bed, so then I was just skipping the gym.  So I started to bring my gym clothes to work and started going right after work!  This again worked for a few weeks and I actually really liked it.  I liked being able to just immediately go and get it over with and know once I got home I could stay home.  The issue I then faced was I was already exhausted from work, so I didn't work out as hard.  Then the gym was SUPER crowded at that time, and I was always really hungry and I hate working out on a complete empty stomach.   Then I started to have so much to do, I just wanted to go home from work to start working on stuff and then I again started skipping the gym.  So I needed to find the solution, and I think this morning I found it!  For the first time ever in my entire life I have been waking up before work to go to the gym!!  It's a freaking miracle!  I woke up to the first alarm, no snooze button or anything.  For those of you who know me, you know  this is a huge deal!  I am sooooo not a morning person.  I push the limit everyday of how long I can sleep in and still manage to get to work on time.  I honestly didn't believe I could do this, but I've done it and I love it and hopefully that's motivation enough to continue doing it.  I loved being able to get it up go and have plenty of time to work out.  It woke me up and I now have way more energy then I normally do and am in such a better mood!  I love now having the feeling of knowing I have already done the gym today and I don't have to worry about it the rest of the day!  I like that I actually have time to shower and do my makeup and then I can get to work early!! I think I might have found my niche!  I'm super excited to try and maintain this and keep my goal going!

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