Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Swim Swim Swim

Evan has had lots of fun in the water since he has been in Midland.  Auntie Deb and Grandma Sue bought him a cool kiddie pool for her back yard.  He loved it so much Mr. Saber tooth bit a hole in the basket ball hope in the middle before it was ever used!  Oh well he loved it still the same. 

We then had a fun evening going to Uncle Mark and Aunt Terri's for a swim.  Evan loved the dog dogs and Copper loved giving him kisses back!

We even got to stay and have some yummy dinner!

 Afterwards Evan got to try Aunt Terri's banana pudding and DEVOURED it!  Needless to say he needed a REALLY good bath that night!

Fair and Petting Zoo

One weekend we took Evan to the Permian Basin Fair.  Our friends Amber, Brent and their daughter Miki were able to come.  We grabbed some dinner before, and then headed to the fair.  We were able to go to the petting zoo and Evan LOVED it.  He was fearless, and so good with all the animals.  He loved feeding them and holding the bunnies and chicks.  

After that we were able to sit and watch a bit of the rodeo and Evan had fun dancing to the music and watching all the horses.

We headed outside really quick to let them get on a few rides before bed time!  Evan is still small enough that there has to be a parent, and all the rides were pretty steep with ticket amounts, so we were only able to ride two, but I think he had a lot of fun before bedtime! 

Trial Parenthood

We got Evan home and were ready to get right into a routine.  It was so fun to have him there and we had fun doing all sorts of fun activities.  The first day he was there, it was up right away and off to daycare, so I was excited to get home and spend some time with him!  We spent the evening exploring outside of our apartment!  He loved all the kids toys out in the yard, especially the wagon.  We went for a few rides, and then took a long walk.  He LOVED all the bunnies we have around.  He calls them meow meows.  Ever since the first time he saw them, all he does when he goes out side is try to chase them down. 

This is the cutest video, but I couldn't get it to upload on blogger for some reason.  Past this link in your search engine and watch it through dropbox!


The Drive Home

Back at the end up August we were able to head to Houston for the weekend to pick up my nephew Evan.  We were so excited that he got to come stay with us for a few weeks while my sister recovered from surgery!  He was so good in the car and we were so happy to have such a wonderful baby with us!  

Getting ready to hit the road!

Baby getting all cozy! 


Evan rocking out to music!

We took a break when we stopped to get some gas!  We had been driving for a few hours, so it was time for baby to get some energy out. He was very adamant about picking up the trash and putting it in the garbage!  What a good little helper!

He had fun going round and round and round and round and round (dizzy yet)the telephone pole.

then we found a nice big field that he loved running around in. 

back in the car ready for a few more hours of driving!

The last hour or two he did get a little restless, but the I-pad satisfied that right away!  He found a horse game that he just LOVED.  That kept him entertained for a good hour! 

He was a little overwhelmed and tired when we got home, but a good bath helped and he went right down for bed.  We were so happy to be home and have an addition to the family for a little while!