Monday, May 20, 2013

Sensational Saturday - Date Night

This past week we got to go see Great Gatsby.   I have to say I have not seen a movie that has played with my emotions so much in a long time!! I do love me some Baz Luhrmann though!  It was certainly a beautiful movie and I loved a lot of elements, but I have never been a huge fan of the story and that's something that doesn't change.  So needless to say I don't know if I'll ever need to see it again, but I loved seeing it once.  But hey it was a movie and a night out with Eric, so we could have seen anything and I would have been happy!

Friday night we hit up the local health food store to try a few new items and see what we like and can start incorporating into our diet.
I got some chia seeds, flaxseed, organic low carb salad dressing and some almond butter.
I really like the chia seeds! I will put them in some almond milk with a little bit of cocoa powder and Cinnamon for breakfast and it's pretty tasty.  I'm glad I like them because they have a lot of awesome benefits.
I have only added the flaxseed to my smoothies, and I don't really taste it which is good!  It's nice to be able to sneak in some extra nutrients when I can.
Okay now let me tell you how much I loved the almond butter!  I bought a new brand of all natural Peanut butter wanting to try one that was even less calories and it is DISGUSTING! 
this is no bueno

So I tried Almond butter thinking it wasn't going to be very good, but I adore it!  It is now a new staple on my grocery list.
As for the rest of Fridays date night I had an awesome picnic and activity planned, but it was like 104 outside and there really was not anywhere appetizing to have a picnic.  So instead we picnicked inside Subway and made our own fun instead!  We then spent a good 2 hours at Barnes and Noble looking through all sorts of crazy books. 
I went ahead and picked up this book.  I have only read a little bit but I'm already learning a lot!
After that we headed home.  Eric always begs me to play the Xbox with him, but I rarely do because I don't love a lot of the games he has.  So he went out and bought this one especially for me. 

We spent that rest of the night playing some good ol Mickey Mouse!  Totally not what I had originally planned, but still an awesome date night if you ask me.

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