Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY Christmas Projects Part 1

So earlier I had explained that for Christmas I made a lot of the gift myself.  For each of the girls I sewed a bag and then filled it with a head band, a bracelet, a necklace, and some homemade bath salts.  I did the same things for each bag but did a different type for each girl, and for the bags I just asked the girls their 2 favorite colors and based the fabric for the bags off those colors. Here are the things I made for the Boulter side of the family.
The bath salts I made for each girl.

Melodee's Headband
Melodee's necklace

Melodee's Bracelet
Melodee's bag
Melinda's necklace
Melinda's Headband
Melinda's Bracelet

                                                                                                            Melinda's Bag

Lacie's headband
Lacie's Neckalce

Paisley's Headbands

Lacie's Bag

Julianna's headband

Julianna's bracelet
Julianna's Bag

Mia's Headband
Nicole's Necklace
Nicole's Headband

Nicole's Bracelet

Nicole's Bag

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Photo Bombing

After going through all my pictures from Christmas I realized that Amy had photo bombed me A LOT!  There were sooo many great ones I just had to share them!  I even decided to get in on some of the action too!

Christmas 2012 Part 2

We spent our afternoons hanging out and enjoying each others company!  Mom, Amy and I also spent a lot of time owing and awing over baby Savannah.

our cute little Christmas tree we decorated!
  Christmas Eve we went to the beach for a little bit of fun.   

After the beach we headed to a gorgeous park to take some family pictures.  We then had some yummy dinner and decorated Anna's mom's famous sugar cookies! We had a little Christmas program that evening which consisted of some singing, reading the Christmas story, opening some awesome new PJ's, and just being together. 

Amy's cute new PJ's

Anna climbing a tree haha

The view from the park.
Christmas morning we woke up and all opened our stockings.  Afterwards we all took turns opening presents and it was fun to see what everyone got!  Eric and I scored some sweet gift cards, some xbox games, Eric got a new hat, I got a really pretty necklace and much more!  We then skyped with Steven and LaNelle and loved watching them open their presents.  I think LaNelle really loved her new pink sparkly toms and I think Steven liked his Best Buy gift Card. 
my new PJs!

Savannah wearing the headband I made her.


Sadly Christmas night was our last night there and we were up early and out the door.  Mom and Dad drove us to the Airport and we said goodbye! :( we were sad to leave family but happy to get home in our own bed and see Rango again!  Once we got home we went straight to the movie theater to see Les Mis.  I wanted to see it before anyone else could tell me about it, but that didn't happen and I was bad and read peoples comments on Facebook, so I think I went into it with false expectations and so I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked......but it also could have been that I had to pee the entire movie...haha either way I'm wanting to go see it again and I bet I'll have am much better experience.