Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Womens Retreat 2013

This past weekend I was able to go the the FUMC women's retreat!  I went last year to do the decorations.  You can see what I did last year here.  Well I guess I didn't screw it up too much, because they asked me to come back to help with the decorations again this year.  This year I was flying solo so I had a lot of work on my hands!  It was so fun though and I think it really turned out great!  It was such a fun weekend and I met a lot of great ladies!  The theme this year was "Sweet Jesus"  we focused all on grace.  

Each year each table has a different name/title to go with the theme.  This year we focused on the "Sweet" and each table was a different candy bar.  I made 8 different candy bar bouquets and these were the bases.

Then for the front table at the entrance I wanted something a little different so I made some blow pop topiary.  They turned out way cute and I got all the supplies at the dollar store. 

I used my lovely new silhouette to cut out a bunch of cupcakes and candy shapes.  I then sewed them together to make these streamers. 

I used the silhouette to sketch a bunch of candy, chocolate, or cupcake quotes.  I paired them all with cupcake cutouts and had them posted on the wall.

I had streamers hanging, then a paint ship garland and then I made a cupcake liner garland I hung as well.

Reese's Table

Butterfingers table
 Snickers table

3 Musketeer Table 

 Twix table

Kit Kat table

The photo booth set up

Photo booth supplies

 Decorations in the chapel

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