Monday, May 20, 2013

Funday Friday - Chair Makeover

When we were getting ready to leave Utah we had a yard sale to earn money to help with the move.  We had a lot of people donate to the cause :) and my In laws donated these chairs.

No one ended up buying them at the yard sale but I decided to keep them.  I figured we didn't have very much furniture and they were free, so why not?  I'm always looking for fun new projects and had plans to make them over into something lovely.   Well that was only about 2 years ago and I'm just NOW getting to them.  I went a completely different direction with the chairs then I had first thought, so I'm kind of happy I waited so long.  I'm so grateful for my Mother in Law coming to visit and helping me get them done.  Here are the finished products.

We painted the wood a heirloom white and recovered the cushions with some fabric I found at Hobby Lobby! I'm pretty darn happy with them!

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