Monday, May 13, 2013

Motivational Monday - Weightloss Sucks

I feel like every Monday I’m writing about how the weekend wasn’t great and I need to get back on track. Well today is no different.  I did however predict that would happen what with all the exciting things happening this weekend.  So to prepare I made sure to eat really well all week and work out every day last week...i don't know how much it really helped but oh well.  Could this weekend still have been better? Absolutely!  Could I have certainly made better choices on menus? Or course!  But I did what I did and it’s time to move on!  My body can certainly feel it this morning! "I'm feeling big, I'm feeling chunky, I'm feeling big, I'm feeling plumby" I got so use to eating less food and much lighter meals that all the eating out this weekend threw me for a loop!  So I’m drinking LOTS and LOTS of water this morning to help flush out my system!
This is how I felt today!!!

I have some yummy new recipes on the menu for this week!  I’m going to get back on my work outs in the morning.  I didn’t make it  to the gym this morning because I was feeling sick from the new medication, so I’m hitting the gym after work!  I could feel the difference at work today though!  Even though I was sooo tired this morning so I didn’t want to wake up, it made the first 2 hours at work a lot harder!  That is motivation enough for me to keep pushing myself to get up and go before work.  I really do feel so much better, I get so much more done, and it just sets my whole day off right!   My main goals this week is just to re focus, to work out every day and push it a little harder!  I have been doing interval running on the treadmill which is walking 2 minutes running 3 walking 2 minutes running so on so forth!  My goal this week is to keep getting my speed up and hopefully my running time up longer!  Then diet wise I’m really looking at clean eating to help clean my body of all the crap I put in it! This means low carbs, fresh fruit and veggies, healthy proteins and organic and non processed food where I can.

Here are some of the recipes I tried a few weeks ago that I haven’t posted about yet
 Crab stuffed portabella mushroom
 taco bake
 Tomatoe and ground turkey stuffed mushroom with asparagus and tomatoes
 Garlic and herb shrimp with cilantro lime quinoa
 Spicy marinara Meatballs over quinoa


Here is what’s on the menu for this week.
Red Chicken Curry on Quinoa
Red Curry is one of my favorite things and it has been a recipe I have done for awhile!  My sister introduced it to me a few years ago and I have loved it ever since.  I have adapted it a bit for my needs, and now serve it over brown rice or quinoa to make it healthier, but it is so packed with veggies that it is pretty healthy to begin with!  You do need to watch serving sizes, because if you load up too much on quinoa that will be a very high carb meal.  It also has a lot of sodium in the original recipe which I try to cut down, and it has coconut milk which can contain a lot of fat!

Turkey Tenderloin with roasted Cauliflower and Carrots
This one is pretty self explanatory.  These are all things I already have in the fridge or freezer that I’m looking to use.  This is a pretty easy meal since I can basically chop up the veggies, season it all and put it all in the oven in the same dish!  I’m all for one dish dinners, yah for simplicity!

Taco Bake
This is a meal especially for Eric.  I found it on Pinterest here.  I did It two weeks ago and he loved it and requested it again!  This one is good for me because it’s low in carbs, BUT watch the serving size and watch the toppings.  The nutritional info the website gives you isn’t including any toppings so those all have to be added and will add up quickly!  We like to put olives, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and some fat free sour cream on ours.   I also subbed out a lot of things in the recipe to low fat or fat free and use fat free half and half instead of cream and also used egg beaters instead of normal eggs.  Anywhere I can cut fat and calories I try to.  Eric was thrilled to actually get real ground beef instead of ground turkey!

Grilled Salmon with sautéed green beans and mushrooms
This is a regular on the menu!  I love me some mushrooms and fresh crunchy green beans.  Salmon is a fish I can eat and It’s super tasty, so I don’t even feel like I’m eating that healthy!

I want to have some friends come over for a dinner.  I’m waiting to hear from them, so I haven’t decided on hat I’m cooking this night yet.

Flatbread Pizzas with Salad
Of course Eric would still prefer normal pizza, but this is our compromise.  I use the flat out whole wheat flat breads with organic sugar free tomato sauce.  Then we just put whatever toppings on that we like!  I think they taste really good, and you are getting a lot healthier version of pizza.
Date night out – Jason’s deli Salad bar, or maybe Subway
I have a special date planned this weekend for Eric and so we will be doing a picnic, so we will probably just grab something quick, but I’m still going to try and make good choices.

Oven Roasted Chicken with roasted red potatoes and sautéed asparagus and cherry tomatoes
I don’t normally eat potatoes because of the carbs, but I’m making an exception because we have a whole bag that needs to be used. 


  1. Oh no! I hope your body gets used to the medication soon! I just gave up after a while. I guess I should try it again maybe? Your menus sound amazing! I bet my husband wishes I would cook better food than just salads and egg whites everyday lol. Oh and subway has the best salads! They are like 110 cals and then I put mustard on them instead of dressing. Have fun this weekend :)

  2. Ha ha I would probably be seeing quicker results though if I cooked more like you!! That amazes me! Way to go, you have some serious will power!