Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sensational Saturday - Fun With the Parentals!

Today we continued the party and had Lot's of fun!  We started the day off right with some yummy breakfast at Ihop!  We then took Mom and Dad for some authentic Texas shopping!!

We hoped to find Mom and Dad some cowboy boots so they could take some of Texas home with them!  Alas we walked out of the store empty handed. 

Later we headed to the Commemorative Air Force museum! They had some really cool things and it was sooooo fun to see all the awesome planes!
There was even one we could get inside of!  Mom and I had fun playing pilot for a few minutes!
 This was one of my favorite planes!! So much shine!!!

We set them up with some awesome Texas Mexican, and had to make sure they tried all the amazing flavors of Blue Bell.  Mom helped me finally get my chairs covered (post at a later date) and then we finally watched Pretty Women (one of her favorite movies) after 3 years of planning!

Pretty darn good day, pretty darn good weekend is more like it!  I'm sad it has to end tomorrow, but I'm so happy they were able to come at all!  I'm going to miss them so much and hope that they will be able to come back soon!

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