Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Raiders

Well this weekend Eric and I got a really cool experience, Auntie Deb got some tickets from a friend to the Texas Tech, Texas State game. Naturally Eric was ecstatic, he hasn't been to a football game since before he met me, and I had never been to anything but a high school football game. Thus we were really excited, but then we found out the tickets were in box seats with dinner included, so we got even more excited. They were way nice, and the food was good too! Sorry Coopers we were wearing red not maroon for one night! It was really cool to see the band, and the masked rider, but I do have to say it was a bit awkward. We were in the center of some serious fans and we didn't know one word of the fight song, or any of that stuff....needless to say we felt a little out of the loop! It was still way cool to experience! GO FIGHT WIN!

This is Eric's excited face!

Good ol marching bands! Made me feel like I was back at my high school since its the same colors.

Here's the crazy storm that rolled in before half time. A ton of people left the game because of it, but it was actually really nice because it cooled things down.

So today Eric started his new job! He was up at 5 after a really bad night of no sleep! He started work at 6 and didn't get off till after 5, and that made him late to class (well that, and the fact I locked myself out of the apartment so he had to come and rescue me). He said he really likes the job though. He said it's a bit hard because he's the muscle man so he was doing a lot of heavy lifting :( oh well, hopefully he doesn't hurt himself! He also said he likes the guys he works with, other then the fact that every other word out of their mouth is the F bomb. Hopefully it continues to be a good job, and at least he wont be there for long! At least it's some money coming in.

Eric already wiped out after his first day of work!

I'm still waiting to hear from a bunch of places that I applied. I have a few more places I have found to apply, so tomorrow I'm hoping to hit some of those places up. If all else fails a bunch of stores in the mall are hiring. Those wouldn't be my preferred places of employment, but hey maybe I would get a discount on some clothes. Pier 1 is also hiring, maybe I'd like it there because I'd be around home decor all day :) I can't say that would be that bad!

So I have a new best friend...........who is also my worst enemy.....okay so frenemy....Bluebell! To those who know of him, you know exactly what I'm saying. To those who don't, you don't know what you're missing, and I tell you now to keep it that way! Oh my this ice cream is so heavenly, but it's so addictive! I'm going to be an umpa lumpa very soon! Minus the awful orange tan, me no likey fake tans. My advice to all you! Stay as far away from bluebell as possible!

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