Friday, September 23, 2011

Ear Ache My Eye!

I thought last time this happened that I had already had more ear aches in a lifetime then anyone ever should.....I thought wrong because here I am. again. with another ear infection. bleh. It wouldn't be so bad except moving to a new place = no doctor, and even if I found one, last time I went for an ear infection the prescription they gave me was ridiculous. We referred to them as golden drops. I swear it was like a 1 ounce bottle and cost like $80 bucks and that was with insurance! So that is a little out of our price range right now, so I'm just trying to push through it. I know I sound like a baby, it's just an ear infection. But call me a baby or say I have a low pain tolerance, but IT KILLS! I have been up since 3 and I think I have pretty much downed an entire bottle of ibuprofen....alas my whole left side is throbbing. Ha ha oh well it will go away soon.....I hope.

Let see what else has happened as of late.... oh yeah the truck broke down again lol pefect timing too! Eric finally gets his first paycheck from work and then it goes to buying a new starter for the truck! YAH!!!! I love life. haha I really do though! I need to stop complaining. I am so blessed in so many areas. I have such an amazing loving husband, who works so hard, I have amazing families, and no matter what happens it really does work out. It may not always work out the easiest way or exactly how I want it to, but the lord is truly mindful of us and has blessed me with so many tender mercies! Speaking of which can I just say how excited I am for conference? I haven't been able to watch a full conference in 4 years because of JCWs. This will be the first time where I'm not having to be mixing hundreds of shakes instead of listening to the uplifting words of our prophet!

I'm so excited! I have been praying for a lot of things and I can't wait to see the answers and council I receive from the talks!

So as we speak, or more as I type, I am drinking some hot chocolate (my obbsession! Thanks Brandon and Melinda for like the best wedding present EVER! I use it all the time)

and watching Baby Mama, the movie that cures everything.

I do have to say I'm feeling a little better it's still throbbing like crazy, but not as bad. Maybe all those Ibuprofen are actually working. I am kinda wishing for a dishwasher right now though, because this batch of hot chocolate tastes a bit like soap......I'm thinking I didn't wash it thoroughly......

Well folks I think I'm going to try and sleep now considering that was a foreign concept for me last night! Lets see if it works for me now! Let me know if any of you have remedies for ear infections!

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