Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Little Things

I've discovered it's the little things I miss about home.

1. good water.

I miss being able to just go to the faucet and get a glass of water that tastes good. Now I either need one of these freaky little faucet purifiers, or have to constantly by bottles of water.

2. having a job.

Who thought I would ever miss good ol' J-dubs. Not I. But hey any jobs better then nothing, and I can say I truly do love JCWs. Not just the food but the people. That place gave me the oppurtunity to get closer to my brothers, and meet a lot of great people. Especially 2 of my dear friends, I miss the days sometimes when we all worked together it was so fun!

3. the temple.

This whole time we have been within 5 mins from the temple and I took it for granted. I mean yes it's only 2 hours away from us here, and that's really not bad compared to a lot of other places, but it just sucks on those days that I really feel like I need to be at the temple and I can't. I wish I would have taken advantage of it when it was so close.

4. Sunday dinners.

I mean I always knew my dad was an amazing cook, but I'm realizing even more how much I miss his cooking. Or more so not even cooking but I just miss being with both families on Sundays. We have some pretty awesome families.

5. Rue 21.

I know this one is lame, but I really do love this store oh so much, and there isn't one here. Not that I would have any money to buy anything, but one day I will, haha and it would be nice to have one here.

6. The Mountains

I mean come on guys this one speaks for itself!

But hey with everything I miss from home, there are great things here that I wouldn't have there! Everything balances out in life, and everything happens for a reason. We are here because the lord told us we needed to be here! :) So that's good enough for me!


  1. I know how you feel on a lot of these. By the way, will you email me that picture of the whole family? Luv you!

  2. We miss you guys to Emmy! Love you so much!

  3. I MISS YOU!!!!!! I'm so sad that we couldn't hang out before you left. Thanks for the shout out. Let me know if you could out to visit Utah- we can go to the Temple together. ;) Dang, I wish you could be here for my sealing. Facebook me your address and I will send you an invite!