Thursday, September 8, 2011

Home Sweet School?

I've decided the problem of why I can't quite get comfortable in the apartment, it's the carpet! I had finally gotten everything put away, we had slept there for several nights, I had it all cleaned, I had even cooked in it, I should feel at home right? Wrong! The carpet is the kind of carpet they have at school, or at businesses. I hate it! I have discovered that little feeling in the back of my head keeping me from feeling completely at home was the carpet. I feel like I'm in a doctors office, or at class (and you don't want to know how uncomfortable it is to sit on).

So solution? Rug, big rug, nice big fluffy comfy rug! Here are a few I found I like. I'm not sure yet though. It's not like I really need to decide quite yet, we won't be getting anything extra for the house for a while. But I can dream right? haha

Well Eric is still liking his job. He says it's pretty chill. Today one of the guys he works with decided it was his goal to write down all the girls he had slept with...lets just say he got to 20 names and couldn't remember anymore. I can't tell you how shocked they were when asking Eric about his list haha. Well they just couldn't believe he was a crazy mormon ha ha and that I was his one and only. So I guess work continues to be interesting for Eric, but hey at least it's entertaining!

Well I spent the day applying for a few more jobs.....still nothing. I'm getting so flustered! I hate this waiting game. I wish I could just find something already! I feel so lazy not having a job while Eric is at work and school all day long. It doesn't help that I'm not sleeping well either, so I just lay there for hours every night (while Eric's out like a light of coarse) over thinking everything that needs to be paid for, and all these things I should be doing...its getting annoying. I have all the time in the world to over analyze everything....kill me haha. I certainly feel differently about work these days. I know I have complained about having to go to work, but now I'm realizing that I like working! I need something for me to do or I'm going to go crazy! Well please keep me in your prayers that I will find something soon!

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