Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good News Bad News

Well good news bad news, I finally got word back from Midland College about my application, bad news? Well the reason it took them so long to get back to me was that they lost my application. Apparently the HR department is moving so it's been a little complicated. Luckily the lady I spoke with was able to find it and said she now has turned it in to be processed. Okay so only two weeks late to even get the application process started, but hey at least it's started....right? I did get a job offer today.....making in one month the same amount I use to make in a week at JCWs. A WEEK. AT A BLOODY FAST FOOD JOINT! And then found out I'm not even worth much to freaking retail stores in the mall. I received 2 emails today from stores in the mall saying I didn't meet their qualifications! What qualifications do I need to scan a few bar codes on some jeans for a few peppy teenagers, or put some shirts on hangers? Really? I'm starting to lose faith in this job market. I'm throwing my hands in the air.

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