Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are we home yet?

Well we still don't have jobs....yah!! Eric had another interview the other day and they sounded really excited and said they just wanted to call his references and that he would hear from them within 24hrs......well it has now been 72 hours and nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero, nothing but a bunch of goose eggs. Awesome! He applied at a few other places today, hopefully something turns out from that. He has accepted the internship for November, which will be a great opportunity, so all we need is something to pay the bills for the next few months! The only hard part is that the internship is in Crane. Which means he'll have to drive about 45 miles there and back everyday, and then go straight to school. It will be a hard few months but it will really help him with his job, so in the end it will pay off. The Coopers were in Midland this week so we were able to have lunch with them, and I think that really helped Eric. Steve gave him a lot of good advice and I think really made him excited for the job. They put it in a good perspective that life goes so quickly and right now looking at things like school and work it seems impossible and seems so far away. But life happens so fast and in the end it's a just a short time to make a few sacrifices to have big pay off in the end.

I have applied for a position at Midland College, it's called Health Sciences Program Clerk. Its basically just an office job, but it pays well, has benefits, and its working in the nurses office, so if I decided to pursue nursing it opens up some good opportunities. I'm really hoping and praying to hear something from them. It would be nice to be able to walk to work so Eric can have the truck. I have also applied for a few Nanny jobs here which might be from as well. Hopefully I can find something.

Well I promised pictures of our apartment so here they are. But don't judge! It's still a mess and needs A LOT of work. I finally got most of the stuff put away (except one of the bathrooms) and some of the rooms clean, but there is a lot I want to do to make it feel more like a home, but unfortunately we have no money haha so I can't just go out and buy stuff...oh day.

So here is the front room. You walk in and to your right you have a very small front area. We had to be creative with the layout so that It still felt open. And then you have the kitchen straight a head on the wall. There isn't a ton of storage space so that's why we bought the cabinets for the left wall of the entry way.

From that you have two doors one takes you off to the right and one that takes you off to the left.
On the left side you have one bedroom which is actually kinda two bedrooms. It has a half wall that splits it. So we made one side our bedroom, and one side our glorified walk in closet.

And then we have a bathroom off our bedroom but its the one room that is still a wreck so I'll add those photos later.

On the other side of the apartment it's the same layout so we made it a his and her space. One side is mine where I'm going to keep my crafts, scrap booking, and decorating stuff, and the other side is Erics space with his tools and computer and all that jazz. Then there is a bathroom on that side too.

So there it is, nothing glamorous but it works for us. Hopefully as time goes by, and once we have jobs and money I can make it a little more us and what we want.


  1. I love the apron in the kitchen. Cute apartment. Welcome to Texas!!

  2. It looks really good so far! I am amazed at what you can do even in a little space :) Thanks for posting these pics. Love ya!

  3. I love it! You have it arranged to cute. We love you guys! :)