Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Utah Part 2 - Boulters

After the friend party we spent the next couple of days with my family.  Saturday Mel, Stephen and the boys came in and that night a bunch of us took the boys, paisley and Mia to the carnival.  It was a long day and the boys were pretty wiped out, but they had to get on those rides!  It was a lot of fun spending time with them and all my siblings.  That night the siblings grabbed some food and we went and hung out over at Bryan and Lacie's.  It was fun catching up and just spending time with each other. 

 Sunday we all went to church together and came home and had a traditional Sunday dinner.  Boy do I miss my Dads cooking.  That night we were able to go down to my Grandmas property and hear my Dad tell some fun stories and learn a lot about family history! 

 Monday morning Mel and I made breakfast for everyone and then that afternoon we all went to the aquarium!  So fun! 
I think we had the most fun watching the Otters.  We were there the longest and the kids were mesmerized....okay maybe the adults too!  They had just fed them and put a toy out in the water, so they were way fun to watch!

 We got to go up the canyon that night and have tin foil dinners!  I LOVED being up the canyon, it was so nice and refreshing.   

  We had so much fun throwing rocks and playing by the river.  It was nice to sit around the fire and talk and learn more about my Grandpa Vaughn. 

Tuesday Mel and I were able to transform one of my moms closets and get it all organized for her.   We turned it into her gift closet and got it all ready to go for her use.  Well this sparked our motivation and we ended up spending the whole afternoon moving furniture, re arranging and cleaning.   We set up the pool in the back yard for the kids to play and just had a wonderful afternoon. 

the closet before:

The closet now:

All the boxes are organized into different types of gifts and put on the coordinating shelves.  We then gave here a white board and peg board to keep all her notes, gift ideas, announcements, coupons and more.  On the sides we added filing for all of her different papers and one for all of the cards. 

 That evening we got to go to Bryan and Lacie's for some fabulous food and fire works.   

 Matt and Bryan put on an awesome firework show with some great music.  Nicole and Melinda did strawberry shortcake for dessert that was delicious!  

Wednesday we spent the afternoon with my BFF McCall and her husband!  It had been a year since we had seen each other and that was just WAY too long.  We grabbed some lunch at ZUPAS (much needed)  then we went to the Provo club beach resort for some bowling and mini crochet.  It was so fun to just have a nice relaxing drama free afternoon with some friends! 

 That night my whole family came up to Midway and we all got to swim in the Crater.  Thanks to my wonderful in laws for letting us come.  I was so glad everyone could be there, and I think everyone had a nice time.  It was the perfect ending to my time with my family!

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