Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Time

I’m still severely in denial that it’s mid August…no it can’t be..it just cant.  Well needless to say the summer flew by, but we had some fun adventures.  We didn’t really make as many trips as we wanted, because so much of our vacation time this year was already spent.  We made the goal to do some fun weekend getaways, but the weekends would come and we were never really up to spending hours in the car.  Oh well I think we still enjoyed all of our “staycations” and had a lot of fun just being together. 

 I have been having fun getting lots of different nails and toes all summer!  It's been fun to change something up so frequently, since I'm trying not to change my hair as much!

 About sums up Erics summer.  Some Dr. Pepper and some XBOX!
 We have had some serious Jenga battles and don't even get me started on our Monopoly wars.

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