Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rango's Tower

When we knew we were going to be getting our new bed, and that it would be upholstered, we decided we need to do something about Rango.  His favorite place to scratch was at the corner of our base board on our old bed, but I was certainly not going to have that with our brand new one.  So we decided to cave and buy him a great big TOWER!  Now he spends most of his time on top of that and has for the most part stopped scratching everything else! Yah it’s a miracle!  Yes I am a crazy cat lady posting about my cat and now I’m going to be even crazier and post a bunch of pictures of him.  Lay off he’s my child okay? OKAY!  Leave me be haha. 

Rango freaking out and hiding when we were arranging all the new furniture. 

 loving the new tower!
 I may or may not have sprayed it with cat nip....he went a bit crazy.

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