Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Utah Part 1 - Smores Party

We got to make a trek up to Utah a few weeks ago to spend some much needed time with family.  We left a day earlier than planned originally and drove all night.  We got there early Friday morning so that we could have more time to see everyone.  We had a nice lunch with my mom and a lot of my siblings and I was so excited to see everyone.  That night I threw a friend party so that I could see more people in our short amount of time we had.  We were able to do it in Eric’s grandparent’s back yard.  We did a smores theme since it was outside and we had a fire pit.  My brother Matt was AMAZING and helped me so much. He set up his homemade photo booth, brought stuff to do an outdoor movie, set up music for me, AND helped with food.  Him and his friend Collin are starting a food truck and wanted to sample one of their menu items to see people’s response.  They did some sliders that were delicious and I was so grateful for all his help!  I don’t know what I would have done without him.  My brother in law Michael and Sister in law Anna were also an amazing help.  They came by early to help set up and I was so glad Michael was there to help Eric out with all my orders and tasks!  Anna and my sister both made some delicious cookies to help out to our menu! I wish more people could have come, but it was still so fun to see the friends I did.  I was so grateful so much of my family could come, and it was such a fun chill evening hanging around the fire and talking.  Everyone was having so much just talking we never even started the movie!  

On our way out of flat old west Texas. 

 Packed up and ready to make this long drive!

Are we there yet?

YAH mountains!!! Finally!
Anna being the bravest and starting the fire!!! We couldn't get any of the guys to do it!

our food table set up

We had water and old school bottled sodas!

Go to see my gorgeous sister and her new do and FINALLY got to be my adorable niece Mia!

My brothers awesome photo booth that he built!  It was seriously so cool guys!

The smores menu that I made.  
*The Classic - Milk chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. 
 *Cookies & Cream - Cookies & cream chocolate and marshmallow on a chocolate chip cookie.
*The Grasshopper - Mint chocolate and a marshmallow on a chocolate cookie.
*The caramel craze - Milk chocolate, marshmallow and caramel drizzle on a caramel wafer.
*The Elvis - Chocolate, marshmallow, banana, and peanut butter on a chocolate wafer.
*Berries n Cream - White chocolate, berries, and a marshmallow on graham cracker.
*The Nutter Butter - Reeses peanut butter cup, nutella, and marshmallow on a peanut butter cookie.

Marshmallows in a picnic basket.

Graham crackers, caramel wafers, and chocolate wafers.
Milk chocolate, and reeses peanut butter chocolate bars.
Cookies and cream chocolate, and white chocolate.

Our fruit, caramel sauce, peanut butter and nutella ready for eating!

Michael helping keep the fire going!

Gorgeous Mia and her beautiful Mama Nicole!

We had such a fun first night in Utah and are so grateful for everyone's help!

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