Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Drive In

 We have found our new favorite thing to do in Midland, DRIVE IN!!!  Last month some of our friends invited us to go and we thought sure why not, we love movies and it’s something new to do.  Well we ended up loving it!  It was such a fun evening spending time with friends and seeing a movie.  It’s nice to be in the comfort of your own car or chairs, and you can still talk so we felt like we could still hang out and not just be in a dark theater.  Needless to say we were sold because we went 2 other times in just that one week.  You get two movies for cheaper than one movie at the regular theater, concessions are way cheaper or you can bring your own, and we made a sweet little nest in the back of our car that’s way more comfy than any theater seat.  It was nice too, because I can bring may projects and work on them while we watch the movie!  Man I can’t think of a better situation.

 on our way to the drive in for the first time! Doesn't Eric look thrilled ;)

Our third time at the drive in!  We were pros by this point!
 Our sweet set up! Comfy bed, box of projects and yummy food, what else could you need?
 Eric getting ready for Lone Ranger!

Eric was bored waiting for the movie, so he had to get in my box of projects!

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