Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Throw Back Thursday- Goodbye Marley

Last weekend our truck Marley officially kicked the bucket!  We have been keeping her alive as long as we could, and we decided it was time to pull the plug!  We actually had great luck with selling her!   Being a truck in an oil town certainly has its benefits, and there is great demand for you if you still have good bones.  So within 10 minutes on Craigslist she was sold!  We were super excited, but I have to admit driving away on our way to Austin this weekend and knowing it was the last time I would see the truck parked there, I got a little sad!  I know I know pathetic right?  It's just a car right?  Well all this is true, but I couldn't help but have a flood of memories rush in of all the good times in that truck.  I know I get to take my memories with  me, which is awesome, and why material things don't really matter, but it was still sad to see it go.  It carried me through most of my High School experience, through starting college, through our first year of marriage as our only car, moving us to Texas, and much much more!  You will be missed!

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