Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Motivational Monday - I'm Back!

So you might be asking yourself “What happened to this whole blog everyday thing?”   Well frankly I’m a failure ha ha no but really!!!  Well actually it was a combination of the Internet being down for several days at our apartment and the realization that my life is boring and I was running out of things to update about.  Any who I think I did a pretty good job for a few weeks there and I’m satisfied with that.  So I’ll continue to keep my goal of blogging more, but I think I’m letting go of the everyday thing. 

Like most Mondays I come to you with my head hanging low. I call defeat in this whole weight loss game! I would love to have a Monday where I come to you and can say that I was flawless and that it went perfect!! Alas I have never been able to do that! I feel like every week I come here with such high hopes and then always fail. This week I did come close though…so progress maybe? I made it to the gym everyday of my goal except one and maintained a really good diet during the week! So that's something I suppose. Here is what I have been up to the last couple of weeks that I have missed updating you on.

We tried a new whole wheat pasta from HEB.....gotta say I still am not loving whole wheat pasta and it's still easier for me to avoid it in general, but this stuff wasn't horrible!  It was stuffed with spinach and cheese.  I topped it with some organic tomato sauce, shredded chicken and sauteed some yellow squash in a little bit of olive oil.  Even whole wheat stuff is high in carbs so I try to avoid it generally.

I did really well about pre packaging some healthy snacks to grab! It made it easier to pack lunches for me and Eric as well.  It's on my list to deep clean and organize my fridge and pantry and am hoping to come up with some cool ideas to keep my snacking even healthier and more organized.

Check out this girls kitchen organization!


I love her pantry and fridge

I freaking adore it and hope to be like her when I grow up lol.  Check out her whole house tour on her blog.

I know it looks gross, but it is actually delicious!  This is organic steel cut oats boiled in cinnamon and then I added ground flax seed and chia seeds.  After it's done cooking you add bananas and strawberries and a put a tiny bit of honey in it for sweetness.  It was the perfect thing to break up my breakfast routine. 

"Creamy" Chicken tomato soup!  This was super tasty and made a TON so we had some good leftovers for lunches.  Coconut milk is what makes it creamy and have such a rich flavor! It was so easy with big reward.  I topped mine with some greek yogurt and green onions.  Of course Eric drowned his in cheese and sour cream ;) silly boy!

We had some new friends come over a few Fridays ago and I made on of my favorite salads.  It has avocado, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, english cucumber, grilled corn, red onion, and a cilantro vinaigrette.

For dessert that night I made this delicious creation.  The bottom is a homemade graham cracker crust.  Then you put a layer of whipped cream and low fat cream cheese.  Then I put strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and peaches.  I didn't get a picture of it after completed this is just up to the middle step.  Then I poured sugar free vanilla pudding over the top and finished it off with the remaining fruit.  It probably is still not an everyday thing for a diet like mine, but it is a healthier option if you are going to make a treat!

One night we shiskabobs and a fruit salad!
Eric had his in a bowl with some rice and terriyaki sauce!
I skipped the sauce and had it with some brown rice!

There was so much left it made a perfect dinner the next night when I didn't want to cook.  I just sauteed everything with a basil puree and gave it a new spin! YUM! 

what a typical lunch looks like!

I had been into greek yogurt for awhile, but it still had 11 g carbs, so I'm switching to this for a bit. Not bad!

I have done really well with working out I think!  Since I only missed one day this past week I have high hopes and I hope to improve on that and go EVERYDAY this week J I’m super stoked!  I hope you find me here next Monday reporting that I succeeded!  I even got Eric to start going with me again most days this past week!  It was awesome! 
I’m also feeling defeated because of results.  I have lost about 22 pounds and then I keep going up and down with about 5 pounds and can’t break past it.  I know I have days where I am not 100% on track, but for the most part I am doing SO good and it’s so hard to not see any progress weight wise!  I have to tell myself to not get discouraged because I AM seeing changes.  I can tell that I’m building muscle, I’m not as tired, I feel better, my clothes are fitting a little loose and Eric has made his “compliments” if you can call them that. “One of your rolls is smaller”, “You don’t hurt my back as much when I pick you up”, “You are not as moody”…..well thanks babe ha ha I’m glad you are seeing some changes!  It’s just hard to be happy with these when all my doctor looks at is the weight loss and if she doesn’t see a huge drop then I obviously haven’t been following the rules.  Ugh I’m discouraged! Oh well I just need to be comfortable with myself and if I know I’m doing what I should then that’s all that matters.  Do I still have room for improvement? Absolutely!  Do I still have a long way to go? Of course! But have I already come a far way?  Without a doubt!  I’m working out on a bad week at least 4 times a week, I have cut out so many foods, I really only drink water, I'm eating breakfast everyday, I'm counting calories, I mean these are all HUGE changes for me, so I need to just focus on these and know I am making changes for the good!  I know eventually I’ll lose the weight and that right now I am establishing a healthy lifestyle so I can maintain this.  It’s just hard to not feel in a rush to lose more weight faster when there is so much on the line and so many people counting on it and waiting to hear about it. 
Some goals for this week are:
Water water and more water
Sleep sleep sleep
Make it to the gym everyday
Eat three healthy balance meals a day and healthy snacks
Here’s to hoping that I’m here next Monday celebrating a flawless week!

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