Saturday, April 28, 2012

Debt Free and Ready to Flee

Well people I have a very huge and exciting announcement to make......drum roll please.......WE ARE DEBT FREE!!!!!! HORRAAYAYAYAY!!!  I'm thrilled...the end, thought I would share this with you all.  Due to a very generous bonus I got at work, Eric and I were able to pay off all our bills, and have plenty to go in savings.  It feels soosososos good!  Well to be honest it didn't all go in savings haha we did have a nice little shopping spree today!

Eric has been begging for months now and has been saving to finally get a game system.  So today to celebrate the end of another amazing semester and the end of his awesome internship I got him his x-box finally!  Needless to say I lost him the rest of the night!  I think someone waslittle excited!

Oh but don't worry I sure got spoiled too! I mean you can't go cruising without some cruise attire.....well maybe I went a little over board, but I found so many cute things, and lots of great deals so I just couldn't resist! When laying everything out to see what I got I realized something about myself. My favorite color has always been turquoise, but I have soo many things this color that I was forbidden from buying anything else. Well looking at this collection I believe I have found a new favorite color. Ha ha I didn't even realize I had gotten so much in this color until I laid it all out together!  Any who I have now discovered that my favorite color is like a salmon/coral pink. I love it! I got a couple shirts, a blazer, a pencil skirt, a cardigan, and some pants in the color. :) I love them all! I also got some new sunglasses, jewelery, perfume, sandals to replace mine that are broken, some good walking shoes for the cruise, a few pairs of shorts, some new swimming suits, a hat :) I love that one, another skirt, a few I think that's about it.  I'm super excited to wear all my new stuff!  Oh yeah and I was so proud of myself, I finally was brave enough to venture into white pants. I bought some white shorts and some white capris. Now my fear was confirmed, 2 minutes into wearing them I got crap all over them, but I still love them! They are perfect for summer, and I'll just have to learn to be more careful when I am wearing them.

Any ways I think this means we are officially ready to get going on our trip!  Oh man I can't hold back the excitement.  I hope this week goes by fast!  I can't wait to sink my feet into some sand!

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