Thursday, April 12, 2012


Oh yum!  I can't believe it took me till I was 18 to even try sushi, but boy was I hooked right away!  I have really missed sushi since living in Midland, but we have found a place we really like!  They are actually pretty good.  I mean not the best Sushi I have had, but considering there are only like 2 places in Midland that serve Sushi it's better then nothing!  This place has a thing called a volcano! 

It's delicious.  I know it looks a little messy because this isn't the greatest picture but believe me its AMAZING!

Here are some new ones we tried this visit.  We normally stick within the same view every time we go, but we decided to go out of the normal this time.  They were very good

Plus we got some cool fortunes.  Hmmmmm what do they mean???  I'm excited to see what happens the next few months! Maybe something new and exciting :)

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