Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Glorious Food

Here are some of the new meals I have been trying the past couple of weeks! 

I made this creamy chicken lasagna and it was delicious! Yum!

Some bbq ribs (cooked in the nu wave from frozen in 20 minutes oh yeah baby) with garlic roasted potatoes, and fresh zucchini and squash in a tomato basil sauce.

This doesn't exactly look amazing but boy does it taste it.  It's one of my favorites to cook.  Creamy salsa Chicken :)

I was missing zupas so I had to do some paninis :) and soup!

We couldn't be home for dads famous Conference turkey and rolls so I had to make due ;)

They have all been really good!  I'm glad that I'm trying some new things haha and I know Eric is too!

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