Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cruise Part 1

Well getting ready to set sail came a little crazier then expected, but we survived it!  We started our vacation early on Thursday night and got to see the BYU folk dance team.  The people I work for have season tickets to the venue and couldn’t make it to this show and so they asked me if I wanted the tickets.  I thought eh folk dance? Not really my thing, but maybe Eric will really like it, or will know someone.  So I went ahead and got the tickets.  Well let me tell you folks this group of folk dancers are defiantly my thing.  They were AMAZING!  I didn’t think it was going to be all that entertaining but it was awesome.  Their singers and band were amazing too!  So anyways it was a fantastic show, and started our weekend off right.  Unfortunately we did have to go to work on Friday but it went by really fast so it was okay.  Eric had his last day at his internship and had an awesome exit interview.  Everyone was sad he was leaving and wished he could have stayed longer.  After work I ran home to hurry and throw together the last few items we had and we were ready to hit the road.  Unfortunately our plane was not.  We got an email saying it was and 1 ½ late.  So instead we decided to take Grandma Sue out to dinner and bide our time.  So we got to the airport later than the original time but still an hour before the new time of departure.  The plane wasn’t even there yet but some lady at the desk ripped us a new one for not being there an hour before “take off”.  I felt like I was in kindergarten being told “We will never again let you do this and you would have missed your flight, but I guess just this once I’ll let you…but never again.” Then she continued to rant and rave at us for no apparent reason and it had no point.  LISTEN LADY YOU ARE EITHER LETTING US ON THE PLANE OR YOU’RE NOT. AND I BELIEVE YOU SAID THAT YOU ARE SO DROP IT. THE END.  Anyways another hour of waiting and then we were finally on our plane heading to Houston.

Note to anyone out there with sinus problems.  DO NOT FLY WITH A SINUS INFECTION.  I felt like my ears were going to explode.  It was only and 1 ½ flight but boy did it feel like an eternity.  AWFUL.  So we made it to Houston and Stephen was generous enough to come and pick us up.  We had a nice time catching up with him and having him give us the low down on all the crazy adventures of moving into a new house.  We finally got to the home and it’s BEAUTIFUL!  It was so fun to see Mel and then to have her be able to finally give us the tour of their home was amazing.  It was so fun seeing how much she has already done, and hearing about all the other exciting things she has planned.  I’m so happy for them!  The next morning Mel and I went to go get our toes doen and had a lot of fun catching up and solving all the worlds problems.  Here is what I got done.

After that  we got to go to Kyle’s soccer game and cheer him on!  I can’t believe how much he has grown up, it’s crazy!  Eric and Kyle certainly get along really well.  We babysat for them Saturday night so that they could go to a work thing for Stephen. It was fun to watch Eric with the boys and she how much they love him!  I got to be with baby Evan mainly J and I was totally okay with that! 

I spent the rest of the time catching up with my big sis (very needed if I do say so myself).  Sunday morning we got to hangout with the boys a little more while Mel got ready for church.  It's so fun to see Ryan growing and developing an awesome personality.  I think this picture says it all haha.

Hangin with baby Evan while we wait for the car to pick us up!

Getting excited and anxious to get on the boat!

Finally the time came and the car came to pick us up.  I was sad to leave the Coopers and wished they could have come with us, but I was ready to get onto our vacation.  We got there way early and had to wait a little bit but got on the boat fairly qucik.

We go on the boat really early so we headed to the spa to grab some specials and sign up for a massage.  We then toured the boat for awhile, got some awesome grub and head to our massage.  We did a deep tissue bamboo couples massage, and let me tell you, BEST HOUR OF MY LIFE!  Eric seemed to enjoy it as well.  The next 2 ½ days we spent at sea. 

Eric found great joy in the 24 hour pizza cafe!

The boat had a lot of cool stuff to do but we found that most of it wasn’t our style.  When you don’t drink or gamble, and the only shows they have going on are r-rated comedy shows or Vegas shows you have to find other areas of entertainment.  Well here is where we found ours. 

 Ha ha this is technically only for kids but this is where we had the most fun.  You could find us there almost every day in a sea of 6 year olds but it was awesome. 

Don’t worry right above it is the Serenity deck which is the adults only section.  We did hit that up a few times to maintain our maturity but we never had nearly as much fun.

We also found an arcade on the ship which we spent a lot of time in. 

Eric playing his favortie game that he can never quite defeat.

We did go swimming a few times, layed out a lot, and enjoyed many of the hot tubs on board of the ship.  

Eric got a fancy new watch on the ship too!

here we watched a ice carving competition.

We also found joy in these little beauts! Strawberry pina colada smoothies YUM! 

Lets just say I had my fair share over that 7 days. 

 We did go see a couple of the shows that were fun.  Most of them were pretty corny but still entertaining. We went to a magic show one night that was way fun. And we did go to a few comedy shows that were okay.
here is the comedy club

Here is the only sunset we managed to make within the seven days.

Here is one of our waiters for dinner singing to us.


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