Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big Reveal

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was working on a really big project and details would follow. Well it's completed and I'm super excited! I can't believe that it's already April and I'm just finishing though! This was suppose to be something for the start of a new year...oh well I'm only a few months behind right? Hopefully I can catch up and not feel this behind all year! But that's what this project is for!  Eric and I sat down at the beginning of the year and talked about some specific goals we wanted to accomplish, but over all it was mainly just being better all around that we discussed. So this project was put in place to help us accomplish that. This project is mainly just to help us get healthier in all areas. Healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  So here it is!

The calendars on the left are our daily goals.  These are all things we want to do better with and make sure we are doing daily.  Like reading our scriptures, praying, working out, or at least going for a walk/run every night, doing dishes etc.   The middle calendar is all our stuff for the month but a little more complex then that.  Everyday has a theme and a room.  The rooms are so we can stay clean.  A lot of the time we let the apartment get so dirty that it takes a whole day if not more to get it clean.  This way everyday has a specified area to focus on and we can't go to bed until its clean.  That way we can maintain it and keep everything clean by doing a little everyday.  The themes are as followed: Mondays-FHE
Tuesdays - Crafts
Wednesdays - De Clutter
Thursdays - Service
Fridays - Dates
Saturdays -
Sundays - Family History

Coordinating with these labels are the boxes at the bottom which have ideas for all the topics.  So every Monday we will draw a card out of the FHE box and it will give us the topic for FHE, (we sat down and wrote 50 ideas for every topic) this way we can have something specific to study, and do something different every Monday.  Every Tuesday we will draw a card out of the craft box and do the coordinating craft.  This way I can finally start doing all those crafts I have always wanted to, but haven't set aside time to do them.  Wednesday we will draw from the De clutter box and it will give us a specified area to deep clean.  This way by the end of the year everything will be de-cluttered and organized but it wont be overwhelming because it's just a small area once a week. Thursdays we will draw a card and they will either have a place around Midland, or a person to serve, whether it's big or small, service was something we wanted to incorporate into our lives a little more.  Then every Friday we will draw a date card and it will give us a date idea.  Hopefully this can get us to do some more exciting things, and get out of our routine.   Saturday doesn't have a specific theme because its going to be used as our catch up day.  Our day to make up any of these things we might have missed through out the week, or do laundry, or blog or whatever we want.  Then Sundays  will be reserved for working on Family History.  Which for me right now includes my Dads book! 

Anyways I know this may seem stupid to some people but with my personality I love it and it's just what I need!  Hopefully now we can just really do it and keep it up.  It takes repetition to develop habits and I can function better when I have a something visual to represent my plan.  I'm excited to get on top of things and start accomplishing some goals and doing some new things we have never done.  This is our time in life where we do have time, we don't have kids yet, and we are in a position where we can try different things and live our lives to the fullest!

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