Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crafting Time

A few weekends ago I finally had some time, so  I worked on a few projects and finally  finished up our living room walls.  Here is what it looked like before

and here is it finally finished

I finally filled the rest of the frames and made a few little crafty things to add to the wall.

I love peacocks so I framed a peacock feather with some scrapbook paper behind it that matches the color of our living room

Then I  made the simons sign by painting a board and some letters, and gluing them on. I found some burlap material around the house that I cut up and made as the hanging bow thing.

 I made this by just mod podging some of our engagements onto a board I had at the house.  I added some wire and ribbon at the top so that I could hang it.

  I then had an empty whole up top to the left so I found a frame that was lying around, glued some new paper to it so it was the right color, and framed a flower I had.


So it was pretty much improvising with whatever I had around the house, but not bad for what I had!

I'm pretty happy with it.  Heck anything beats having plain white walls!

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