Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentines Day

For Valentines Day Eric and I had told each other we weren't going to do anything big or get presents and that we would just celebrate on the weekend.  So my Grandma invited us over for dinner and that was our plan.  Of course Eric had surprised me with flowers at the apartment, and I decorated our bedroom and got him some of his favorite goodies.  I guess we are just big liars huh!


After we got home we did have some desert of yummy strawberries and chocolate!  Oh OH delicious!

That weekend we went and saw Shrek the musical at the Midland Community Theater.  I saw it on Broadway a few years ago but Eric had never seen it. For community theater they did an excellent job.  It was really well done and very funny!  It made me want to head back to New York like now!!! Ha ha maybe some day soon we can plan a trip there.  It was a very fun evening and weekend.  When I got home Eric surprised me with some white gold and blue topaz jewelry. 

 Not only my birth stone, but also my favorite color!  What a guy gotta love him!  Well folks I hope you all enjoyed your valentines day as well!

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