Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas Gifts Part 3

So for the boys for Christmas we did a BBQ Kit.  I sewed the pouches and then made a chicken rub, a pork rub, and beef rub to go inside.  We also added some tongs, a sauce brush and some Texas BBQ sauce.  Originally I had made homemade BBQ sauce and tried my hand at canning.  Well I don't think my canning skills are quite up to par and I was worried about giving sour BBQ sauce, so we decided to be safe and leave it out.  We figured at least doing Texas BBQ would make it different then something from an everyday store.
the canisters I found to hold the different rubs.

the pouch with the top lip closed.

I sewed in elastics for the rubs and the BBQ sauce and then pockets for the utensils.

the finished projects had the Texas BBQ sauce instead of the plastic bottle.

then at the end it rolls up and has a strap that Velcros close.

our front room at the beginning of turning into Santa's workshop.

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