Sunday, February 24, 2013


A few weeks ago I was able to go to Houston to spend some time with my sister and help with her family while she is going through chemo.  I was able to get there the tail end of my mothers visit so I got to see her for a little bit which was nice.  It was so nice to finally go down and be able to be with my sister.  I felt so useless being far away and just wanted to be with her and help anyway I could through this process.  It was so fun to see my nephews and get to play with them all week.  I know I'm bias but seriously they are the best boys ever!  My sister is such a good Mom and has done such a good job with them!  I loved every minute of being able to spend time with them. 

Tuesday I got to stay home with the boys by myself while Mel went to chemo!  Ryan (little Po as we like to call him), Evan and I got to have fun day together.  We did some baths got dressed and had fun running around the house.  Evan went down for his first nap and that left Po and I to fend for ourselves!!!

I kept saying to keep his eyes open for a picture and he kept doing a cute fluttering with his eyes, which = in ZERO pictures with his eye open.  Haha love this boy!

Attack of the Ryan!

 After some fun taking pictures and coloring we headed outside to play on the new play set they got!

 Baby Evan decided to wake up from his nap and come join all the fun!

 Pretty soon it was time for another nap time and they Kyle got home from school and we were able to play on the play set cookie factory for a bit till Mommy got home from Chemo.

This was just one day in the fun filled week I had!  I can't wait to go back and be with them again!

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  1. we'll think of you this week when it' MY turn to play with them. I'll give them kisses from Auntie Em.