Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ready for Guests!

So my friend from Midland gave us their spare bedroom furniture when they were moving back to Utah.  I finally got the extra room cleaned and organized enough to get it set up.  Sadly I don't have any before pictures!  I wish I did because it was BAD!  Well I do have some before pictures from when we first moved in.  It won't show how dirty and cluttered I let it get, but it will at least show you how the room looked before.

The not so organized closet layout, and remember this is a picture from well over a year ago so just imagine what got misplaced and added to this place.  It was so aw-ful!
And the rest of our boring room that we just put everything we didn't know what to do with in.

  And here is the room set up now.

it may not look that organized from this picture, but seriously compared to what it was, it is awesome!  I took hours to get it all super organized and I love all the pretty boxes I found at target to use!

I found this lamp at Home Goods and just fell in love!! I adore it!

Our entire apartment doesn't have closet doors, so I decided to hang a shower curtain rod and some curtains so that we could close the closet off and make it look a bit nicer when we wanted to.

I still have plans to paint the bed and the side table.  I was going to do it before I set it up, but it was taking up so much room so I just went ahead and did it.  In a previous post I already wrote about some ideas I had for the headboard.  I still  haven't made any decisions but I'm pretty sure I have decided I want to paint the furniture white like this
Pinned Image
 I'll probably end up doing more of an off white or cream rather than this bright white.
 Pinned ImagePinned Image

 I really like these headboard ideas too!

Now I'm still figuring out what to do on the rest of the wall.

 the wall just seems way to empty.  If I paint the bed frame I'll probably paint the wood on the mirror as well because the dark wood wont work as much!  I might paint it the matching blue from the bedspread!  I have found a few cheap ideas on Pinterest I really like for different ideas on the wall.
Pinned Image
Just a canvas with cut fabric modpodged on,
Pinned Image
I could do just a collage of random framed printables. 

Pinned Image
Painted canvas with a felt flower
Pinned Image
Fabric covered canvas
 Anyways those are a few ideas.  I can't really decide!  Do you guys have any ideas? I would love to hear any votes of what I could do!

 I'll have to post later once I completely refinish it!  Anyways peeps we are now open for business and ready for lots and lots of visitors!!! You would even have your own bathroom ;) call to make your reservations haha!.

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