Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas Gifts Part 4

Now for the final DIY gifts I made for Christmas we have all the chillens.  I didn't get pictures of all of them, because once the deadlines started coming up and we were trying to get packed to leave out of town I just ran out of time.  I made the headbands I showed in an earlier post for the younger girls and did a few small gifts for the other Nieces and Nephews. 

For Paisley I made a homemade coloring book.  I found a link from Pinterest where you can upload your own photos and it turns it into a cartoon.  I didn't get a picture of the final book, darn, I wish I had because it turned out cute!! Some of the pictures inside looked a little funny haha but I think she will have fun coloring people she knows rather than random pictures.  Here are a few samples of the pictures I did inside of the book.

For the Cooper boys I made super hero bags!! I am also sad to say that I didn't get pictures of these.  I made Kyle and Ryan their own superhero emblem and sewed it onto a bag.  Then I made them each a cape with the emblem and made a mask and wrist bands that went inside the bags.  I hope they enjoyed them and have had fun playing super heroes!

Then finally for Kinsley I made a quiet book.  I did some last Christmas for Paisley and Ryan but it was before I had a sewing machine.  Needless to say I am getting a little bit better with each quiet book I do!  Here is the one I made for Kinsley.

I did a sensory page with all different types of ribbon and zippers and then did a color match up.  The pocket at the bottom has the circles with Velcro on them and she can match up colors, like the picture below.

All the top cupcakes are attached my elastic and hang, they all have Velcro on the bag to be matched up with the similar cupcake.


Each pouch has different items with Velcro on them and the tree has empty Velcro spaces for the items to be attached to.





Time and weaving.

Clasping buttons and matching shapes

tying bows.

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  1. You are so amazing em! I don't think I want paisley to color in such an adorable book! Thank you so much!