Monday, February 18, 2013

HAPPY New Year!

Seeing as we are LOSERS haha our New Years Eve consisted of a party for two!! New Years Eve I got off work early, which was way nice.  Eric and I were able to spend the whole day doing fun things!!! We went to a late lunch or early dinner....LINNER and then to a movie!  After the movie we decided we wanted to have a party haha so we made a quick trip to Walmart to prepare a feast of all feasts.  Well unfortunately the kind of party/appetizer food we wanted doesn't come in portions for two people, so we ended up with A LOT of food left over!  We headed home, I cooked up some delicious treats, and we watched the ball drop.   Then we were quickly fast asleep....we are so old haha.  Well what a way to bring in a new year :) with the love of my life.  I guess I can't complain!!

our big haul!!!

the spread!

Yum!!! Our 250 special as my sister would like to call it!

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