Wednesday, January 23, 2013

BANGS! They're Back Again!


******okay so I have been missing from the blogisphere for a while and now that I have returned I noticed that I had written a bunch of drafts a few months back, and just never posted them.  So these next few posts are WAY old, but since they were already written and I'm always needing things to post I'm going to post them anyways haha enjoy. 

I’m a little behind so it’s not so new anymore, but I colored my hair.  I have waited so long to post, that now it’s pretty much time to get it colored again, but here it is.


I really wanted to do a melt but was so indecisive and got to the hair dresser and he talked me out of it……haha oh well I still didn’t want one color so I did the blonde underneath.  I really like it and it’s been fun!  I’m trying to decide how I’ll get it done next.  My stupid gray hair grows in so stinking fast that my colors don’t last long at all L it’s the pits. 

Oh and don’t worry, not only did the color get boring but so did the cut, and since I’m trying to grow my hair out (am I not always “trying” to grow my hair out?) this is what happened. BANGS!

                                              (me at my beautiful friend Kim's bridal shower)

They are growing on me.  I don’t know what my problem is, I always tell myself when I have bangs “I hate bangs, I can’t wait till these things grow out.” I feel like 97% of my life has been spent “waiting” for my bangs to grow out and yet they always get cut and come back!  What’s my problem?  Oh yeah it’s my boredom issue and need for change.  Hence why every time I’m growing bangs out I then convince myself “Oh I love bangs I miss them, I want them, I need them!”  So this led me to a Thursday evening with nothing to do and a pair of scissors……not a good decision.  Ha ha no it was okay because they actually turned out okay if I do say so myself…..this time.  You would think after all my life as a girl I would have learned the #1 Rule – DO NOT cut your own hair.  Well rules are made to be broken, right?RIGHT?  This time I actually came out the other end okay and with decent looking hair.  Many other times in my life I have not been so successful.  Remember the shaved windows peak Julianna? REMEMBER?!?!? You still like to tease me for that one!  Many other times I have ended up with stubs for bangs.  I just never learned how to stop messing with them and leave them alone.  But me + scissors always = a lot of fun…for a little bit, and then disaster later, usually for Jules and her important paper work or homework, or  even the occasional Barbie.  Well maybe I’m getting better at cutting hair.  I have cut several friends hair before and always cut Eric's now.  I even cut my friends daughter’s hair the other night and it turned out pretty good!  Maybe these Nubbins of mine really can’t stop me muahahahahah!  Well I still don’t see cosmetology in my future but it’s fun to experiment little bit on my own. 

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