Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So a few weeks ago I received the BEST.GIFT.EVER. No joke I don’t think I let it out of my site for a good 3 days, and since then I take it with me everywhere.  Okay a little over dramatic? Yes!  But it’s seriously awesome.  My friend McCall sent it to me and I love her.  It’s called “In a Pickle.”  It totally is me and fits my personality.  Whoever invented these is a genius and I wish I had patented it first!  It basically is everything you could ever need. I know it sounds dumb right?  Like why would I be so excited for something like this?  Well first, it’s adorable and my favorite color and second I am now set for life.  I have everything and it come in handy like ALL.THE.TIME.  It has a bunch of little pockets inside with everything from a sewing kit, to first aide, to beauty supplies and more!  IN LOVE!  Anyways enough bragging, go here and get your own! Thanks Call, you’re a gem!
this color is really cute too!  I would love to get this one too!  Maybe to have one in my purse and one in the car!  Brilliant!
here is the one that I got!!

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